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China - Business directories for Greater China

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Business directories for Greater China
China Firmendatenbanken

Business directories for Greater China 
Business Databases of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
1.100.000 Firmendaten in 20.000 Branchengruppen
mit Entscheider, Beschäftigtenanzahl, E-Mail & Homepage
Unbeschränkter Datenexport möglich !

This package include four directories for the Greater China area, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.

Package of

  • Business Directory of Taiwan
  • China Business Directory 
  • Business Directory of Hong Kong

A big saving when you explore all possible Chinese resources !


Search by Keywords Yes
Browse by category Yes
Export Function Extra MDB file (optional)
Language English
Geographical Coverage Mainland China, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Macau
Source 3rd Party, Infot
Publisher Infot
Release Date Unspecified
Fields included * Check each directory for detail
* Not all entries are filled with each field


  • Number of total entries (companies)  1,000,000
    Entries with Website 1,000,000
    Entries with Email 300,000
    Entries with Fax number 800,000
    Entries with Phone number  1,000,000
    Entries with Address  900,00
    Entries with Name of contact  1,000,000
    * Numbers vary frequently. The results on your CD/DVDs may differ. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.

  • Export Functions

    Selected entries: You can Copy and paste any selected entries
    All Raw data: You need purchase MS Access File (mdb) available for an extra fee.

    MDB File

    We provide MS Access file (mdb) for raw data of certain products, to let the buyer export data from the directory to other applications such as MS Word, MS SQL, MS Outlook, MS Excel, etc.

    MDB file is not required for general functions of the directory. The Infot directory manager bundled with the directory can work properly without the MDB files. Users purchase the MDB files only for export ability.

    However, please be informed before you purchase the MS Access file.

    1) Purchasing the MS Access file doesn't enable you distribute the original data beyond your unit. A personal buyer can not distribute the raw data to any other persons or business. A business buyer can not distribute the data beyond the company. Exporting or merging raw data into local business network, central databases, or other network-based platform require special business licenses from Infot for a fee. Exporting or merging data to databases or websites accessible to publish requires special publishing license from Infot for a fee. Printing, publishing or distribute the original data to outside in any format without written authorization or license is prohibited.

    2) Original data can be too big to fit your target platform. MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Word and some other applications may have a limited capacity to handle the size of the original data. 

    3) Relationship between entries (companies) and categories (industries) in the MS access file may be normalized into separated tables. Understanding of "JOINING TABLES" may be required to get proper query results.

    4) No technical support is provided for how to user the MDB files.

    5) MDB files may be compressed in zip format and then you need a unzip tool such as "Winzip" to open the zip file.


    Why MS Access file?
    - Export raw data from the directory to other applications
    - Communicate with other platform
    - Use it directly in your own network environment

    Check each product for the price of this option

    How to order it?
    - You can check the "Raw data" option when you shop .

    System requirement
    - Microsoft Access 2000 or higher version required to open the mdb file.
    - No technical support for MS Access File. We only include a diagram inside the MDB file to show the relationships between tables. Meanings of fields in the main list table can be found in the "fielddefs" table.
    - Some mdb files are compressed using "zip" format so you need an "unzip" tool before you can open it. 

    MS Access file usually residents in the same disc of the directory you purchased. Please check the root of disc for "mdb" files or zip files. It's usually named by the code of the product.