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China Yellow Pages
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China Yellow Pages
Business Listings on DVD

China Yellow Pages DVD 2005 DVD
Chinese businesses, government agencies and other organizations
11.000.000 Firmenadressen in 1.130 Branchen mit Ansprechpartner

China Yellow Pages 2005

more than 11 millions of Chinese businesses, government agencies and other organizations

Millions of registered legal representatives included who are usually the CEOs or the Chairpersons of board in Chinese companies, they are the "decision makers".


Search by Keywords Category-searching only
Browse by category Yes
Export Function Extra MDB file (optional)
Language English
Geographical Coverage Mainland China
Data Sources Government Agency
Maintained by 3rd party
Release Date Unspecified
Fields included Company Name,Phone, Addr, County,City,Province, Contacts, Job Title, Email *, Fax *, Web Address *, Capital *, Registered Date *, Turnover
* Not all entries are filled with each field


Number of total entries (companies) 11,394,493
Entries with Website 82,232
Entries with Email 87,014
Entries with Fax number 242,180
Entries with Phone number 9,905,518
* Numbers vary frequently. The result on your CD/DVD may differ. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.

NOTE: Download sizes are estimated and actual sizes may vary; Download option is valid for qualified purchase only and not for all products; Databases are recorded on CD-R or DVD+R/-R media, packaged in slim jewel cases. Raw data files (optional) are in MS Access format (mdb) and usually recorded on the same disc; All CD-ROMs are silk screen printed with Infot logo.

  • More than 11,000,000 businesses, government agencies, organizations and etc 
  • Covers all areas and industries in Mainland China
  • Data cross-checked with other Chinese databases

    What's inside this DVD?

    - more than 11,000,000 Chinese companies & organizations in English with contact information and brief introduction 
    - phone & fax numbers, addresses, zip codes, contact names
    - excellent for mailing marketing or research
    - sorted by Chinese-government standard industry code (slightly modified for better understanding)

    What can I do with this product?

    - Find buyers and suppliers from China
    - Research on Chinese economy
    - Get the full list of companies in any industry with contact information

    Infot Distributed Business Directory Distribution File (tbb)

    TBB File: 3.25
    Full installation: 3.5GB required (mdb file
    not included)
    Compact installation: 10MB (leaving database file on dvd, not valid for CD-ROM version)

    Export Functions

  • Selected entries: You can Copy and paste any selected entries

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